Quaoar Hacking CTF

A few nights ago I ran a hacking exercise for myself in my cyber security lab.  It’s been over a year since I was able to run through such an exercise so I started with some low-hanging fruit to get the mental gears moving smoothly again. I started with a VulnHub exercise called Quaoar which… Read More »

Don’t Masturbate in a School Play Ground

Just a quick PSA: Don’t masturbate in a school play ground, especially when children are at recess. We had a soldier ETS who was arrested 2 days after signing out of the Army for masturbating in a school’s play ground while children were present. That is all.

Dog Room

We received a call from on post housing that one of our Soldier’s houses had a strong odor emanating from it and were asked to perform a command-directed health and welfare inspection on it.  I’m not sure the legality of that, but that’s what we did. Arriving at the house, we could smell whatever it… Read More »

Bulk Rendering Videos with Unique Text

I’ve been doing some freelance work for a relative.  The work was originally a massive data entry project, and still is, however I’ve managed to reduce the amount of data entry drastically by automating the process. The core task is to produce videos that are uploaded to YouTube.  Each video is roughly 50 seconds long… Read More »

Simple File to Max Out your CPU

Whether you want to stress test your computer’s CPU to test its stability or maybe the CPU cooler or you are like me and work in an office that doesn’t have a heater that anyone would consider satisfactory (49 degrees, seriously?), running your computer’s CPU at max is actually pretty simple. You don’t need a… Read More »

Stepping Off on the Wrong Foot

I’ve served with quite a few fuck ups in my career, but this one takes the cake.  I honestly don’t know how this guy got through MEPS. For PT one morning, my platoon conducted a short 6 mile ruck march.  We started early so we could be done by 0730.  It was dark when we… Read More »

Golden Showers

In Iraq, especially in the summer, it can get hot.  It feels like a hair dryer is blowing in your face nonstop at times. We came off this mission in the middle of the summer.  Everyone was soaked to the bone in sweat.  Once we parked the trucks in the base, most of the Soldiers… Read More »